Tuesday, March 3, 2009


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This past weekend felt like Summer so much. I can't wait for longer days and warmer nights.

Here's one of my latest favorites, shot on 35mm Fuji with my Nikon SLR. I really like Susan's expression and the diffused light on her face. Although the background could have been a bit cleaner.. oh well.

Something that's going to be interesting in the next few months is my transition to medium format and digital. I was recently given a Mamiya 645 Super (thanks to my amazing friend Michelle), and at school we're using mostly Hasselblad. I'll also be shooting a lot of digital for school and other occasions when film isn't practical.

But at this point, I'm so familiar with my little SLR that it's the easiest thing to shoot with, even when I know the Mamiya can produce much better images. I need to just remember that resisting that temptation will pay off in the long run..

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