Wednesday, June 3, 2009

triptych? Sounds like a disease

Lately I've been going a little nutty with older photos - a sure sign that I need to go out and shoot more. Also, I have a ton of color 120 to be developed!

In the meantime, and since I can't take photos of Anchal for geographical reasons, this type of thing is holding me over:


  1. i'm gonna use one of these for my banner on my blog come september! oh yes its true!

  2. Just curious, do you develop your own color film? I am thinking about trying my own E-6 processing.

    Yes we all need to shoot more..........

  3. No, I actually just take it to a shop that's pretty close to me. For $9 they process and do hi-res scans - worth it to me!

    I've heard different things about the difficulty of E-6 processing, I'm a little intimidated to be honest. I'm not that hardcore - yet! Heh