Monday, May 4, 2009

Ghost Koi

Ghost koi
Originally uploaded by Erin Eli
A polaroid I took last year at the Japanese Garden at Long Beach State, that I just got around to scanning. The water was dark so I set the dial to "lighten" (precise, yeah??) and so the shutter stayed open a bit longer than normal, creating this slightly blurred effect.

I was looking at this today and made the mistake of wikipedia-ing Koi. I learned all about domesticated carp and how they were bred for color and how they're related to goldfish but aren't goldfish.
Now I'm full of even more useless information.


  1. I am seriously obsessed with this picture. I need this on my wall now.

  2. I'll make you a (digital) print!

  3. I love it too!! and I want hear about Koi some time. :)